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In 2004 we started providing photocopied or e-versions of the recipes that the farm recommends you try for the foods we grow and treasure. In 2009 we greatly improved the cookbook with new recipes and a superb storage chart to help you keep your produce better. As many of our crops are somewhat unique and cook differently from supermarket produce, our cookbook serves as a really useful guide to nearly all CSA members. The recipes are well tested and simple: the farm manager Brett was the chef in 12 restaurants and a cook in another eight in the eighteen years before we bought this farm in 1997, and co-authored the 2009, 2010, and 2011 editions with another ex-chef. Further, in the busiest summer months we are too busy with harvesting to quickly answer CSA members’ questions about how best to store or prepare these wonderful foods. The cookbook has been extremely popular with our CSA patrons. The cookbook keeps you informed, the weekly emails to under a page, and the farmer out in the fields where he belongs. We urge you to try some of the approaches when the flood of tomatoes can overwhelm even the most avid salad-eater. In early 2011, we added new recipes and combined the winter and summer cookbooks into one large volume.

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The Farmers Market Cookbook’s advice is clear and instructive, its recipes delicious and, most importantly, manageable. Along with all those wonderful fruits and vegetables, this book belongs in your market tote.
– Adam Rapoport, editor in chief, Bon Appetit

A book of imaginative and simple recipes for an abundance of vegetables and fruits.
– The Boston Globe

Just leafing through will inspire you to head out to your local farmers market and start cooking.
– Taryn Plumb, Taste of the Seacoast